Wintertime is not typically when people start talking about roof waterproofing services in South Africa, since our driest season tends to put little pressure on structures where water damage is concerned. This does, however, present the perfect opportunity for building and home owners to prepare their structures for next summer, while also keeping them protected against the few that still exist in winter.

Here we will go over why wintertime is the perfect time for waterproofing:


When you opt for wintertime roof waterproofing services in South Africa, you are picking the perfect time to get contractors to do the work with minimal complications and interruptions, which are usually present as a matter of the weather.

A consistently dry climate will ensure that work can go on unhindered by rain and moisture, for better results in even less time that it usually takes.


Just because there is no rain doesn’t mean the structure is free of risk of water damage. Consider those damp areas in the structure, such as the basement, bathrooms, or kitchens, where moisture is still very much present.

During the wintertime, where temperatures drop low enough for this moisture to freeze, they may still result in structural damage as a result of this. For this reason alone, waterproofing is essential at any time of the year.


There is typically far less of a demand for roof waterproofing services in South Africa during the wintertime, which means that you will be able to experience faster turnaround times when hiring contractors.

This significantly enhances the convenience experienced by doing so.


If you would like to know more about our comprehensive, technology driven waterproofing services, be sure to visit the Hydro Rubber website today, or feel free to contact one of our agents.

How long does Hydro Rubber last?

Hydro Rubber offers advanced, weather-resistant waterproofing that can extend the life of your existing roof. During installation, our team ensures that roof leaks are repaired and that any sort of faulty wiring, mould growth or issues with gutters are dealt with.

What is the Hydro Rubber waterproof coating made of?

Hydro Rubber is an elastomeric roof coating that is sprayed directly onto an existing roof system.

There are few reasons why building owners choose to install Hydro Rubber. It is more cost-effective than removing the old roof entirely and is considered maintenance, not another roof layer. Most importantly, Hydro Rubber offers a complete, seamless waterproof layer.

How long does a Hydro Rubber coating last?

Depending on the initial application thickness, Hydro Rubber coatings will last a minimum of 10 years. We have performed extensive weather testing to determine how long the coating will last.

What is more, Hydro Rubber coatings often outlast their warranty, especially if they are maintained properly. If you live in an area where hail and thunderstorms often occur you should inspect your roof frequently.

Maintaining your Hydro Rubber coating

Proper annual maintenance will improve the longevity of your Hydro Rubber waterproof coating. The maintenance process starts with a visual inspection for signs of damage from factors like wind, debris or heavy rains. Special attention is paid to areas such as gutters and drains to ensure that rainwater is moving off the roof correctly and any minor repairs are fixed.

Why choose Hydro Rubber

Hydro Rubber is a leader in roof, wall and steel surface advanced waterproof coating that offers different kinds of coating methods depending on the surfaces. With weather-resistant waterproofing that protects against corrosion, your surface will last far longer with a Hydro Rubber coating.

The Hydro Rubber product is designed to be eco-friendly and is applied by experts in the field of waterproofing.

If you have any questions about elastomeric coatings provided by Hydro Rubber, feel free to chat with our team today.

Could Your Home Benefit from Hydro Rubber?

Could Your Home Benefit from Hydro Rubber?

Hydro Rubber provides the best waterproofing and roof coating services in Southern Africa. Moreover, with state of the art resources and knowledge roofs all over South Africa have a quality assurance.

This comes in the form of an elimination of the chance of water damage which can lead to other types of issues. One such issue can actually cause health risk with illness and even death having occurred.

Mold growth can lead to repository problems which has been known to lead to serious illness. With there being no form of hydro rubber waterproofing in your house you increase the chances of poor air quality and the growth and spread of the above mentioned.

With this being said there are advantages to having Hydro Rubber install lead free waterproofing coating to your roof.


One major benefit of having Hydro Rubber installed to your roof is that you will have a sealant over your entire roof.

What this means is that your roof will not only be protected from water damage but also from other environmental damages. UV exposure, pollutants and poor air quality can result can begin to decrease the lifespan of your roof. Paint chipping, fading and an overall compromise of the integrity of the roof.

Hydro Rubber ensures that your roof is protected and guarantees up to 10 years of quality assurance.


Another benefit is that maintenance to the roof after Hydro Rubber installs the relevant materials is low. When re-application does need to be done there is no wastage and the service will take a short time as a small team of professionals can install it.

Moreover, the entire installation process includes the inspection of the roof to find any damages or water damage.

Furthermore, faulty wiring will be checked if there is a leak source. This helps not only in keeping your home safe from water damage, but fires, as well as decreasing the amount spent on electricity.

Faulty wires tend to increase the amount of energy needed to supply the house with electricity. Hydro Rubber mitigates this and ensures that you are using only what you have to.

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Contact Hydro Rubber today for more information on our high-quality waterproofing projects. With one of the best and most efficient service in the market your roof will be waterproofed the right way.

Which Surfaces Work Best With Hydro Rubber?

Which Surfaces Work Best With Hydro Rubber?

Hydro Rubber ensures that moisture does not leak into your roof by locating the source of leak and repairing it. On top of this, the waterproofing service ensures that all cracks are repaired before applying the relevant roof coating for efficient sealing.

Roofs aren’t the only surfaces which can be sealed and protected from water damage and the environment. There are a number of different surfaces which Hydro Rubber assist with.

Moisture is dangerous especially when it comes to the longevity of your household. Rainwater and any type of ground water can ruin the integrity of the structure and weaken foundations. Doors and windows as well as cement itself can also be affected.

If your gutter is not performing correctly and has leaks your roofing system and below ground will weaken over time.


The main surface which you need to worry about is the roof as it can cause a lot of external and internal damage. Hydro Rubber ensures that the waterproofing procedure eliminates water damage from the equation. Furthermore, by doing so it also ensures that mold and mildew does not grow.

Mold can cause health issues such as problems associated to the respiratory system. This is dangerous as it promotes a higher chance of illness occurring.

Hydro Rubber also provides waterproofing for other types of surfaces such as decks. Moisture can cause wood to swell and eventually rot which is another factor which can lead to injury.

Patios, concrete driveways and even fences can also be waterproofed in order to increase the lifespan. It also guarantees that your exterior holds its appeal for longer.

Hydro Rubber uses lead free paint and assures up to 10 years quality guarantee on waterproofing and the waterproofing materials used.

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Contact Hydro Rubber today for more information on our high-quality waterproofing projects. With one of the best and most efficient service in the market your roof will be waterproofed the right way.

Start the journey today and improve the safety of your home through the best waterproofing services in Southern Africa.

When Should You Waterproof Your Roof?

When Should You Waterproof Your Roof?

The short answer is that you should have your waterproofing project completed as soon as possible. With the right contractor you will receive the correct inspections, installation and sourcing of leaks and repairs in an effective way.

Furthermore, you will decrease the chance of leaks causing other issues such as flooding, faulty wires and even mold form growing. Mold is a major factor as it can cause health risks which could lead to serious illness and in some cases death.

The process is one of the most important steps to take to protect your household. Likewise, the materials in your home can cost a lot to replace. On top of this, the structural integrity of your home will also be protected.

Waterproofing projects enhance the safety of your ceiling material for years. Hydro Rubber ensures up to 10 years of protection with the use of their environmentally sustainable lead free coating.

With the right roof coating you will have the assurance of that extra layer of protection. It guarantees that water cannot pass through into your home. Moreover, it ensures that whether it is light or heavy rain, the sealant will not be broken.

Inadequate roof waterproofing leads to walls and support beams being compromised. As such, the process should be top of your list when moving into a new home.

Why Waterproofing Is Needed

The one main reason why waterproofing is required is that with continued dampness mold will begin to form. This can lead to major health concerns and also leads to support structures in the roof weakening over time.

Waterproofing projects also prevent stains from occurring in the household which are difficult to remove and leave an ugly visible mark.

Hydro Rubber uses the best grade materials for all projects with a focus on the longevity of the sealant applied. The defence against weather is efficient with several different techniques applied for complete enhancement.

This includes water-resistant coating, roof sheeting, roof flashing and materials for the improvement of gutters.

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What To Know Before Waterproofing Your Roof

What To Know Before Waterproofing Your Roof

You may be thinking of using a waterproofing project service for your roof. Where this is needed, there are a few things to consider. Whether you have been in your home for years, recently moved in or renovated you need to ensure that any and all waterproofing issues are fixed.

This can be accomplished through the use of a professional waterproofing contractor. Furthermore, as the seasons change and the rain falls you will need to get it done as soon as possible.

Price is one thing to take into account as small leaks can lead to high costs. However, the right contractor will locate the source of the leak right away and save your house and your pocket.

Factors To Consider

Waterproofing projects that run correctly will design a waterproofing plan unique to your needs. This ensures that all specifications are and requirements have been determined. Furthermore, it guarantees that all aspects of waterproofing for your roof will be supplied.

With the right installation you will save on time and future issues popping up. Likewise, a company such as Hydro Rubber will work with the client in order to develop plans which work with the household and will discuss any design changes that my pop up due to certain roof patterns.

Another factor is if the waterproofing project contractor has installed the trusses correctly. Roof sheeting also needs to be installed with efficiency, with the correct screws and washers, so that leaking does not occur.

This is important as whether it is soft rain or hard rain the incorrect installation can lead to the leaking issue occurring once again.

The materials used are also important and one issue that one needs to consider is if the materials are environmentally friendly. Hydro Rubber uses 100% lead free roof paint as they work towards a more sustainable service.

Last but not least, waterproofing projects need to look at the flow and drainage of the roof. Waterproofing can be provided but if this factor is not met then leaking issues will pop up over time.

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The Importance of Waterproofing Your Home

The Importance of Waterproofing Your Home

Picture this, you haven’t had a chance to waterproof your home and a thunderstorm strikes. Now you have to deal with water damage to your ceiling and an upset spouse.

Waterproofing is an important part of owning property, especially a home. Damage caused by water affects the structure of the ceiling and house itself. Had you ensured that a professional waterproofing contractor installed the right roof coating you would not have to sit with this problem.

Moreover, issues with gutters and other factors such as mold growth and faulty wires will be mitigated. Mold and mildew are two growths that not only cause problems to the home but also in terms of health risks.

Allergies can begin to rise and issues relating to the repository system can occur which can cause life threatening health issues. In some cases individuals pick up an illness and in severe cases death is the final outcome.

Hydro Rubber is a leader in the waterproofing project market. They offer a comprehensive service which includes the inspection of the roof and ceiling, installation of lead free roof coating and repairs.

Benefits of Waterproofing

Overall when your roof is waterproofed you will save money on insurance claims. This is down to the fact that insurance companies will want to inspect any possible chance that water damage could have been caused by the roof.

Waterproofing also ensures that there will be no chance of a few drops of water leading to massive amounts of damage.

It is also benefit in terms of the reduction of a risk of flooding. One heavy rain, one small leak and all of a sudden your ceiling has caved in and your house and all belongings are ruined.

Waterproofing ensures that those cracks in your roof have been removed and the integrity of the structure is left without being compromised.

The gutter will also be checked and the structure will be supported or repaired to work as efficiently as possible.

Last but not least, waterproofing your home also ensures that your electricity usage is lower. The roof coating will limit electricity usage as the system will not be faulty and will not have to work overtime.

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The Health Risks Of Water Damage in Homes

The Health Risks Of Water Damage in Homes

If you are a homeowner you have most probably dealt with some form of water damage in your time due to a lack of waterproofing. Where it is something that is common in some ways but it is preventable.

This can cause major concerns in terms of the integrity of the structure as well as health issues. There is also a factor of there being several types of water damage, such as clean water damage, dirty water damage and black water damage to name a few.

Waterproofing projects look to mitigate this and ensure that the contaminates in the water does not seep into the house structure or the inside of the home itself.

Each type of water damage have a commonality which is they can lead to health concerns. Allergies is one issue, however, there are also problems associated to water damage such as respiratory issues as the air quality becomes poor.

Another factor is the growth of mold and aerosolising foul scent molecules.

If you choose to use a professional waterproofing service, you will have experienced individuals who can recognise the different types of water damage, and prevent it from occurring.

Regardless of what type of water damage you find yourself with they all eventually lead to hazardous ends. Mold and mildew are two growths which can cause concern for health. Individuals have been known to find themselves seriously ill and in some circumstances death has occurred.

Hydro Rubber provides extensive inspections to source the leak and will deal with the water damage which is present. As such, using a company such as the above mentioned ensures that inspection, installation and repairs are done to the highest degree.

With a standard such as this, you are guaranteed to have a waterproofed roof which will stay as efficient as the day it was installed for years to come.

Contaminants can leak into your home causing lasting effects for you and your family’s health.

The best course of action is to get in contact with a professional waterproofing project service provider with the experience and resources. This way you will effectively remove any water damage and stop the possibility of it occurring again.

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Maintaining Your Roof with Hydro Rubber

Maintaining Your Roof with Hydro Rubber

Hydro Rubber provides expert insight into sourcing leaks as well as the best waterproofing services in the market. Where a roof leak is a common occurrence in homes it can be a costly one too. Furthermore, the damages it can bring is also known to cause various health issues.

The complications of the issue can cause includes faulty wiring which increase the chance of fires from arising.

Hydro Rubber will inspect the roof in order to find the source or sources. Moreover, the team will then go about adding the required materials to stop leaking from occurring with a 10 year quality guarantee.

Rubber coating is used in the process which will seal the roof and stop rain and other environmental factors from causing damage.

As such, the company will make the correct inspections. Issues can include spots, blisters and pealing of paint.

Experienced professionals will have the eye to detect where the leaks are and the pathway of water flow. Moreover, they will be able to act quickly to ensure that the leaking and damage does not spread.

Hydro Rubber boasts the knowledge and resources required for a successful treatment of house roofs.

Another factor which the company will look at is the inside of your roof to see if there are any leaks present. All aspects will be looked at including if wiring has been affected.

If mold is present the roof will have to be cleaned as the roof ventilation can spread this into the home.

Hydro Rubber will also look if roof flashing is the cause as this is one of the most common sources of leaking roofs. The space will need to be fitted with the right materials and measures which will stop the water from seeing in between the different pathways of the roof and house.

Finally, the team will also inspect the gutters and will also improve the drainage path if need be.

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Is Rubber Roof Coating Only Useful in Summer?

Is Rubber Roof Coating Only Useful in Summer?

Waterproofing projects involve the use of adhesion materials and techniques in order to seal the roof protecting it from leaks. With an enhanced toughness the coating on the house roof will last longer and work better than other types of sealing.

Roof coating perfect for summer months where rainfall can often be heavier than expected. However, the use of waterproofing is also perfect throughout the year as environmental changes occur during changing season.

The service ensures that all weather conditions are taken into account. It allows for the roof coating lifespan to be much longer and to keep that bright look for several years.

South African weather seems to change on the daily. Seasonal changes such as from summer to winter boast a whole host of factors which many cannot account for.

Often times we associate rainy weather with summer however we have seen rainfall during the winter months as well. Winter can also contain freezing and fog, as well as windy conditions that we don’t see too much during summer.

All of these factors combined can make the durability of your roof and roof coating decrease considerably. As such, waterproofing projects ensure that materials applied to the roof work year round and for all seasons.

Hydro Rubber will install and repair your waterproof coating at any point in the year. The coating will cure completely and will not require future coatings for up to 10 years.

Be sure to install your high quality waterproof coating today. Protect yourself against sunshine and rain as well as freezing icy temperatures.

Prevent leaks today and ensure that the safety of your house is maintained throughout the year. With waterproofing projects which make a difference you will not have to spend a lot of money on repairs. On top of this, health risks will be prevented as mold cannot be spread.

Hydro Rubber provides the most comprehensive waterproofing project services with inspections, installation and repair of leak sources included.

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