Could Your Home Benefit from Hydro Rubber?

Hydro Rubber

Could Your Home Benefit from Hydro Rubber?

Hydro Rubber provides the best waterproofing and roof coating services in Southern Africa. Moreover, with state of the art resources and knowledge roofs all over South Africa have a quality assurance.

This comes in the form of an elimination of the chance of water damage which can lead to other types of issues. One such issue can actually cause health risk with illness and even death having occurred.

Mold growth can lead to repository problems which has been known to lead to serious illness. With there being no form of hydro rubber waterproofing in your house you increase the chances of poor air quality and the growth and spread of the above mentioned.

With this being said there are advantages to having Hydro Rubber install lead free waterproofing coating to your roof.


One major benefit of having Hydro Rubber installed to your roof is that you will have a sealant over your entire roof.

What this means is that your roof will not only be protected from water damage but also from other environmental damages. UV exposure, pollutants and poor air quality can result can begin to decrease the lifespan of your roof. Paint chipping, fading and an overall compromise of the integrity of the roof.

Hydro Rubber ensures that your roof is protected and guarantees up to 10 years of quality assurance.


Another benefit is that maintenance to the roof after Hydro Rubber installs the relevant materials is low. When re-application does need to be done there is no wastage and the service will take a short time as a small team of professionals can install it.

Moreover, the entire installation process includes the inspection of the roof to find any damages or water damage.

Furthermore, faulty wiring will be checked if there is a leak source. This helps not only in keeping your home safe from water damage, but fires, as well as decreasing the amount spent on electricity.

Faulty wires tend to increase the amount of energy needed to supply the house with electricity. Hydro Rubber mitigates this and ensures that you are using only what you have to.

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