How long does Hydro Rubber last?

Hydro Rubber offers advanced, weather-resistant waterproofing that can extend the life of your existing roof. During installation, our team ensures that roof leaks are repaired and that any sort of faulty wiring, mould growth or issues with gutters are dealt with.

What is the Hydro Rubber waterproof coating made of?

Hydro Rubber is an elastomeric roof coating that is sprayed directly onto an existing roof system.

There are few reasons why building owners choose to install Hydro Rubber. It is more cost-effective than removing the old roof entirely and is considered maintenance, not another roof layer. Most importantly, Hydro Rubber offers a complete, seamless waterproof layer.

How long does a Hydro Rubber coating last?

Depending on the initial application thickness, Hydro Rubber coatings will last a minimum of 10 years. We have performed extensive weather testing to determine how long the coating will last.

What is more, Hydro Rubber coatings often outlast their warranty, especially if they are maintained properly. If you live in an area where hail and thunderstorms often occur you should inspect your roof frequently.

Maintaining your Hydro Rubber coating

Proper annual maintenance will improve the longevity of your Hydro Rubber waterproof coating. The maintenance process starts with a visual inspection for signs of damage from factors like wind, debris or heavy rains. Special attention is paid to areas such as gutters and drains to ensure that rainwater is moving off the roof correctly and any minor repairs are fixed.

Why choose Hydro Rubber

Hydro Rubber is a leader in roof, wall and steel surface advanced waterproof coating that offers different kinds of coating methods depending on the surfaces. With weather-resistant waterproofing that protects against corrosion, your surface will last far longer with a Hydro Rubber coating.

The Hydro Rubber product is designed to be eco-friendly and is applied by experts in the field of waterproofing.

If you have any questions about elastomeric coatings provided by Hydro Rubber, feel free to chat with our team today.

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