How to Identify Water Damage in Homes, and What To Do About It

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How to Identify Water Damage in Homes, and What To Do About It

Water damage often affects your house without you even knowing about it and trying to apply rubber coating on your own will be meaningless. Whether you have lived in your house for years or want to buy or rent a home you need to recognise signs of potential water damage.

Water damage has more consequences than simply water leaking. This includes, floods, fire and structural issues which can develop. Moreover, mold can occur which is extremely dangerous in terms of health risks especially in households.

How To Identify Water Damage

The first thing you need to do is start outside. You will be able to see external sources of damage. This can include seeing if the house sits on the highest point with the ground angling away from the home. What this will do is indicate where the foundation may have any water which will be sitting on the side of your home.

As this water seeps in the soil will erode and so too will the structure begin to weaken. At this point you will need far more than simply rubber coating.

If there are any missing or cracked roof tiles you could find yourself in a position where action needs to be taken. A leaking roof can lead to ceiling water damage. Where you may assume its simply a quick fix the damage can often be lead to major issues which can turn into your home being flooded.

If you notice any water rings on your ceiling or walls it could point to a need for rubber coating to be applied. However, this isn’t a job you can accomplish all on your own as locating the source can often be difficult.

Another factor to consider is where you will receive this assistance. Hydro Rubber offers high quality inspection, planning and waterproofing projects for your household. The source of the leak will be located and the entire roof will be waterproofed for protection against the above mentioned risks.

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