Is Rubber Roof Coating Only Useful in Summer?

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Is Rubber Roof Coating Only Useful in Summer?

Waterproofing projects involve the use of adhesion materials and techniques in order to seal the roof protecting it from leaks. With an enhanced toughness the coating on the house roof will last longer and work better than other types of sealing.

Roof coating perfect for summer months where rainfall can often be heavier than expected. However, the use of waterproofing is also perfect throughout the year as environmental changes occur during changing season.

The service ensures that all weather conditions are taken into account. It allows for the roof coating lifespan to be much longer and to keep that bright look for several years.

South African weather seems to change on the daily. Seasonal changes such as from summer to winter boast a whole host of factors which many cannot account for.

Often times we associate rainy weather with summer however we have seen rainfall during the winter months as well. Winter can also contain freezing and fog, as well as windy conditions that we don’t see too much during summer.

All of these factors combined can make the durability of your roof and roof coating decrease considerably. As such, waterproofing projects ensure that materials applied to the roof work year round and for all seasons.

Hydro Rubber will install and repair your waterproof coating at any point in the year. The coating will cure completely and will not require future coatings for up to 10 years.

Be sure to install your high quality waterproof coating today. Protect yourself against sunshine and rain as well as freezing icy temperatures.

Prevent leaks today and ensure that the safety of your house is maintained throughout the year. With waterproofing projects which make a difference you will not have to spend a lot of money on repairs. On top of this, health risks will be prevented as mold cannot be spread.

Hydro Rubber provides the most comprehensive waterproofing project services with inspections, installation and repair of leak sources included.

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