Waterproofing Projects In South Africa


Our Waterproofing Projects in South Africa are of the highest quality. We aim to provide the most compressive waterproofing service to all of our clients regardless of the complexities we find. As such, we have formed an expert team of experienced waterproofers.

We train our employees to provide the best service possible.

Below is a gallery of our projects. It is a celebration of our achievements. Take a look at what we have accomplished.

We can’t treat every case precisely the same. However, we always come with the same drive and determination to improve the effectiveness of your roof, wall and steel surface. We will remove leak spots and proof it for water and other weather conditions.

This is why we are a cut above the rest. Waterproofing Projects in South Africa will help to enhance the entire roof, ensuring that there is no possibility of leaking. Furthermore, it looks to correct any leaks which are present, and ensure that the roof can function at a high level.

Take your time and view the list of our projects. We guarantee that you will see exactly what you are looking for. That is precision and efficiency.

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As you can see, we provide services for a variety of roof types. We guarantee that your roof will be fixed. From small inconveniences to major issues, we have done it all.

Hydro Rubber is a leader in the waterproofing industry. We use the best technology and equipment to improve the quality of your roof. This is why our success and satisfaction rate is through the roof.

The Waterproofing Projects in South Africa content will serve to highlight why we are regarded as the best.

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Hydro Rubber has engineered a new waterproofing technology. It is so designed to encapsulate a roof with a special layer of rubber that comes with a 10 year waterproofing warranty.

Herewith are 10 colours available that will suite your preferences and style. Please note that the colour swatches displayed here may vary slightly to the actual rubber-paint we have instore.

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