Waterproofing Service


Roof Waterproofing Services

Allow us to provide you with the best Roof waterproofing services available in Southern Africa. We possess the skills and resources needed for effective workmanship.

Moreover, our roof waterproofing services are applied the right way so that your home is protected from the environment. This includes both rain and sun which can affect the roof differently.

Rain can cause the roof to begin to leak which lead to even further issues such as rotting, growth of mold and your roof collapsing.

The sun can ruin the roof in terms of fading and chipping. As time goes on the overall colour of the roof will become dull and your aesthetic appeal will go down.

Our roof waterproofing services utilises environmentally sustainable products such as our lead free rubber paint. It ensures that we move towards a more environmentally responsible space.

Likewise the roof waterproofing service provides you with all of the necessary checks. The exterior of the roof, interior of your roof space and any faulty wiring and gutters are checked to see how much damage has, or could, be caused.

Browse our website today for more information on our roof waterproofing services and projects. Furthermore, find an agent near you and begin your journey towards a safe and appealing roof.

The Future Of Your Roof

Allow Hydro Rubber to supply everything you require with fair pricing and effective roof waterproofing services.

Our workmanship is world class and our dedicated staff are focused in their ability to guarantee a high standard of repair and maintenance.

Our clients’ needs are taken into account as ever roof is different as we customise a plan for your individual surface.

Furthermore, we also provide roof waterproofing service for other types of surfaces which include exterior wooden decks.

Our contractors will work alongside you to improve your current position so that your house is where it should be.

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Contact Hydro Rubber today for more information on our waterproofing service. With high-quality and efficient service your roof will be waterproofed the right way and last a lifetime!