Which Surfaces Work Best With Hydro Rubber?

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Which Surfaces Work Best With Hydro Rubber?

Hydro Rubber ensures that moisture does not leak into your roof by locating the source of leak and repairing it. On top of this, the waterproofing service ensures that all cracks are repaired before applying the relevant roof coating for efficient sealing.

Roofs aren’t the only surfaces which can be sealed and protected from water damage and the environment. There are a number of different surfaces which Hydro Rubber assist with.

Moisture is dangerous especially when it comes to the longevity of your household. Rainwater and any type of ground water can ruin the integrity of the structure and weaken foundations. Doors and windows as well as cement itself can also be affected.

If your gutter is not performing correctly and has leaks your roofing system and below ground will weaken over time.


The main surface which you need to worry about is the roof as it can cause a lot of external and internal damage. Hydro Rubber ensures that the waterproofing procedure eliminates water damage from the equation. Furthermore, by doing so it also ensures that mold and mildew does not grow.

Mold can cause health issues such as problems associated to the respiratory system. This is dangerous as it promotes a higher chance of illness occurring.

Hydro Rubber also provides waterproofing for other types of surfaces such as decks. Moisture can cause wood to swell and eventually rot which is another factor which can lead to injury.

Patios, concrete driveways and even fences can also be waterproofed in order to increase the lifespan. It also guarantees that your exterior holds its appeal for longer.

Hydro Rubber uses lead free paint and assures up to 10 years quality guarantee on waterproofing and the waterproofing materials used.

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