Hydro Rubber Waterproofing Contractors

The Hydro Rubber roof, wall and surface waterproofing coating service was born out of a need for efficiency. We have seen over the years the lack of care that some companies take in maintaining and caring for their clients.

Our waterproofing contractors have the expertise and the resources available to us to provide our clients with the best waterproof coating service which makes a difference.

This includes our process which ensures that the roof leaks are removed and that any sort of faulty wiring, mold growth or issues with gutters are dealt with.

As waterproofing contractors it is our duty to supply individuals with surfaces which are guaranteed to protect against the environment.

Furthermore, Hydro Rubber focuses on key areas which allows for a durable, reliable and long lasting surface area.


Our projects have taken Hydro Rubber all over South Africa.

We conduct each job with a sense of personal pride, not only in our workmanship, but also in the quality and effectiveness of our specialised waterproofing solution.

Hydro Rubber does so much more than simply add a layer of protection to roofs.

As waterproofing contractors we also works to restore them to a new state; allowing for years of maintenance-free comfort, even in the harsh weather conditions posed by the South African climate.

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Waterproofing Services

Allow Hydro Rubber to supply everything you require with fair pricing and effective Waterproofing Service.

Our waterproofing contractors are world-class and dedicated. They are focused in their ability to guarantee a high standard of installation, repair and maintenance.

Our clients’ needs are taken into account as every roof is different as we customise a plan for your individual surface.

Furthermore, our contractors also provide Waterproofing Services for other types of surfaces which include exterior wooden decks.